‚ÄčLocal Austin Gym

In 2014 Inez Escamilla purchased South Congress Athletic Club and established Ignite Fitnez.  Her vision was to enhance the community vibe that had been instilled at SCAC  by previous owners Marc & Tracy Frazier and create a gym where everyone felt comfortable being who they are regardless of their differences.  It doesn't matter what gender, shape, size, race you are, at the end of the day, our goal is to be  healthy, happy and confident in our own skin.

Being a gym fanatic and having a background in welding, her dream was to rebuild the facility to have balance, variety and she had the skills to do it.  She knew that people get bored easily these days, so having the ability to try new things is important. She didn't want a gym that was only weights, boxing, yoga or cardio, but a place that incorporated both the hard and the soft, the yin and the yang.  Having learned the hard way she knew one without the other leads to injury.  In life we must find balance to achieve greatness and the same goes for our bodies.

Inez Escamilla