My name is Monbiénaimé Ifénayo Adjimon, but people call me “Mobi” and I was born in West of Africa, Accra, Ghana July 20th 1991.  I moved to the U.S in 2005. I been back home a few times.  I’m a cheerful person, that works hard.  I’m currently attending school to become a surgeon, hopefully that’s my goal. I like blood and like to see how our body functions. I used to be a dental assistant for a while, but it got too boring for me and I wanted to do more. Becoming a surgeon isn’t a walk in the park, but I’m taking day by day. I also currently play Rugby and Soccer. I been playing soccer all my life, rugby I started that my junior in high school. 

I workout four to five times a week with my busy schedule. Monday and Wednesday are my leg days, and Tuesday’s and Thursday’s upper body days. Friday are optional for me, but if I do workout it’s a full body work, nothing crazy heavy, just comfortable weights. Reasons why I enjoy going to the gym so much because I enjoy being fit, you have to be fit, and most of because I like it and I have fun doing it. Also because I play soccer and rugby.

In soccer you have to strength, and plenty of Lower Body Strengths. For instance, High Knees, Bodyweight squats. Front lunges, dynamic squats and so much more. Soccer athletes must have their glutes firing properly when they down the field. To build strength and endurance in your leg muscles, use a variety of techniques.  In soccer you never do any movement with both feet on the ground.

Strength in Rugby. It cannot be denied that strength is important in rugby. Given that the game requires a lot of short burst of strengths, the complete player needs power. To reach your full athletic power potential you need to improve on both strength and speed. It is power that allows a player to break a tackle, lift a lineout jumper or clear opponents out of a ruck. Power comes from strength applied at speed, a concept known as Rate of Force Development (RFD). The higher your RFD the more power you can produce. Playing rugby taxes all of the muscles, but the major muscles used in play are the upper legs and hips, the quadriceps, hamstrings, and the gluteal and calf muscles.

I truly enjoy sports, and both sports require lots of training and gym time, lots of stretching. Balancing both sports, work, school, games can a lot. I came manage, it’s not every Saturday that I make the roster for my rugby matches because we have so many numbers. For my soccer every Sunday, every season. Also, I like the passion of both games and how physical both sports are, but we all know rugby is way more violent then rugby, but as long you are having fun and being safe, smart decisions and always be on alert it can be a fun enjoyable sport. 

Mobi aka Monbiénaimé Ifénayo Adjimon

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