We love our members! Here’s what they are saying about us:


“I’ve been going to Ignite for over a year, and I’ve never had to wait for a power cage or bench. They have a glute ham raise machine, chalk, a deadlift bar jack, Olympic lifting platforms… pretty much everything you need to get stronger. Parking is plentiful. The equipment is in great shape. It’s the best gym I’ve ever lifted at, hands down.” – Mason M. (May 2017, Google)

“This gym is awesome. They offer a wide variety of classes and equipment to meet your needs from yoga, to boxing, to strength training. I have taken several classes and most recently have been taking the 6am Weightlifting classes with Austin. They have a beginner, intermediate and more advanced option for weightlifting (and pretty much all their classes). Austin is very knowledgeable and is excited to share what he knows with his clients. He is positive, encouraging and a great coach to anyone trying to learn to lift heavy things and improve strength. He has great energy, especially for a 6 am class. I am learning a lot and enjoying it! I highly recommend Ignite Fitnez!” – Manda M. (February 2017, Google)

“Ignite Fitnez has made me fall in love with working out – classes are always the highlight of my day. Thank you! – Selena A. (April 2016)

“I’ve never been much of a gym rat, but Ignite is very close to home and I thought I’d give it a try. My husband and I both joined this fall and have been so happy with the gym! I’m there several times a week now. I like that it’s small and feels like a neighborhood gym. You see lots of regulars there and get to know them and the staff. There’s a limited number of machines and lots of gear for serious weightlifting. As a newbie to weightlifting, I was feeling intimidated but didn’t need to. Chris, who teaches the Iron Therapy class, is great at patiently working with people to ensure that they get form correct and get a good workout to meet their goals. Everyone else at the gym, staff and patrons, has been nice and encouraging. I’ve never felt a judgmental vibe anywhere in that gym, which is much appreciated. There’s a variety of classes including yoga, boxing, and more. I think everyone who likes to exercise can find a place here.”

– Ellis M. (January 2016, Yelp)

“My favorite place to be in Austin. Everyone is super welcoming and nice, and they truly motivate you to come back and encourage your progress. I love my trainer Ashley, and can’t recommend the classes enough. Every single one has been on point.”

– Ana M. (January 2016, Facebook)

“I have been a member of Ignite for about a year now and really love it. I joined because of where I worked but have since moved offices and remained a member even though it’s out of the way for me.

They have really different classes than the usual gym (no Zumba here), creative art on the walls and a collection of fitness equipment for people that allows you to train in ways I didn’t know were possible. It still has traditional equipment as well but I discover new, more effective ways to train there just based on watching other people use the different tools available.

The staff is also incredibly helpful and friendly if you ever have any questions or need advice. The owner, Inez, is really nice and down to Earth. You can tell her staff really enjoys where they work and it reflects in the whole vibe of the gym.

Side note: Inez is also a welder and she welded a lot of the weight room equipment herself – which I thought was really cool!”

– Aleasha S. (December 2015, Yelp)

“Over the years, I’ve been a member at all types of gyms and Ignite definitely ranks among the best. The staff is friendly and the classes are awesome, but the space itself is really perfect for any type of workout. Love those tire flips!”

– Patrick T. (September 2015, Google)

“Check out Bunz and Gunz with Ashley and Hiit and Flex with Sarah! Group classes keep me motivated.”

-Donna L. (November 2015, Facebook)

“I cannot say enough good things about the staff at Ignite. First of all, I love that this gym is not a chain. It’s locally owned and operated and has the perfect amount of Austin charm. Oh, did I mention it has parking?! I repeat. It not only has parking, but an entire parking lot is located behind the gym- it’s a South Congress miracle.  In all seriousness, the best part is the Buns ‘N Guns ladies class taught by Ashley Haas. The class is offered at various times during the week, which makes it convenient, but Ashley is a wonderful instructor. She motivates and pushes you to your limits. The classes are small enough where she can come around to everyone and make sure you have good form and are doing the exercises properly. To anyone who is looking for a new gym, or a great group class, this is your place! Ashley, my buns and guns thank you.”

– Jenna M. (November 2015, Yelp)

“Fantastic gym for those who go to the gym to get better, stronger and faster. Greatest variety of lifting equipment that I’ve seen. Lots of barbells, free-weights and very few machines. Perfect.

Probably not the best gym for those who like to stand around and flex in the mirror or who spend 60 minutes on the cardio machines after doing their makeup and hair; but if you want a no BS gym where you can get sweaty and exhausted, then this is a good fit.”

– Phillip M. (October 2015, Google)

“The best gym experience I’ve ever had. The staff are all so welcoming and so engaged with their members. The environment is so motivating and even the members I see everyday are great people. The staff are all very knowledgeable as well and love to give tips and ideas for exercises and lifts. So much better than a corporate gym like Gold’s or 24 Hour Fitness.”

– Chris R. (September 2015, Facebook)