Featured Members

Ignite Fitnez is proud of our diverse membership and to tell the truth, we wouldn’t be here with out you! Our membership is made up of everyone from Olympic athletes (Team Jamaica) to 90 year old ladies (shout out to Jean Mather!) staying in shape and it’s not unusual to see the owner herself, Inez Escamilla, out on the gym floor working out with you and offering tips. We feature a member profile once a month as a token of our appreciation and because we have some pretty cool members! Check them out below:

January 2017: Heather Stanley
January-2017I’m moving. Keep moving.
I grew up in an athletic family and have been participating in sports for as long as I can remember.  As a high school freshman, I played JV soccer, JV basketball and Varsity softball.  Then, my sophomore year, a freak accident occurred while I was running: I got hit by a small car going at least 55 miles an hour.  I’m very lucky overall, but, after my recovery, I had to adjust which sports I played.  As a junior, I joined the Cross Country, Indoor Track and Outdoor Track teams and continued running throughout my senior year, college and after.  Several surgeries later, I played on two company softball teams in Corporate America.  In my early 30s, I discovered the Austin athletic community and learned downhill snow skiing (when I traveled), golf, cycling, swimming and yoga.  In my mid-30s I trained for 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, long distance cycling, and sprint distance triathlons; I finally completed a marathon at 41 years old.  Now, at 46 years old, I am no longer an exercise enthusiast, but I keep moving for my physical and mental well-being.  I love the community at Ignite Fitnez.  The fitness professionals are knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging, and I have made many new friends in the year I’ve been attending Bunz N Gunz.  In addition, I attend yoga classes weekly and make myself walk every day.  When discussing all the “slowing down” that happens as we age, a 59-year- old yoga friend said, it’s important to keep moving. I’m moving. Keep moving.

December 2016: Wendy & Yasbel

December-2016In July of 2016 I decided it was time to make a change and began to train at Ignite Fitnez. In the past, I had worked out at several different places,  would do it for a few weeks, a few months but never stayed consistent with it. The moment I stepped foot in Ignite Fitnez that changed completely for me. Every morning when I wake up, I can’t wait to get to the gym,  which was definitely not me in the past! All of this changed because of the incredible support, inspiration and motivation I get on the daily from my amazing Trainer Inez and my workout partner Yasbel! Every day they have helped me get stronger, look better but most importantly find the “Best Me” again! I feel completely different from the inside out!!!

I feel very lucky to have found Ignite Fitnez and the atmosphere that Inez and her staff have created, it is definitely like no other! Absolutely love this gym!!
~ Wendy Morales
I have been an athlete most of my adult life and when I was 6 months away from turning 40, I knew that I wanted to be in a much better shape than I was.  It was then that I decided to make a change.  I was introduced to Ignite Fitnez and my life has change tremendously since then.  At first, I was a little intimidated to walk into this environment where everyone looks so knowledgeable, fit, and strong, but almost immediately, I realized the staff and members of Ignite are some of the friendliest, most helpful people that I have ever encountered.  When I thought I couldn’t be more motivated, Inez told me that she would train me and my work out partner, Wendy, and take us to an entirely new level.  And she absolutely has!  
It has really been an honor and a pleasure to work with someone as knowledgeable, motivating, and reliable as Inez, as well being a part of Ignite Fitnez.
-Yasbel Flores

November 2016: Phil Matson (and wife Meghan)
Phil and Meghan
My wife and I grew up playing sports, so staying active is something that we’ve always had as part of our lives.  We try and stay fit for a number of different reasons, but I think the main one being that it makes us feel good and feel good about ourselves. Neither of us has the overt inner confidence of say, Donald Trump, so we work on our bodies in order to feel pride in the work it’s taken to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Working out at the same gym has a lot of added benefits for couples.  We get to unwind at the end of a workday and catch up while we do our workouts.  It also allows us to coach each other and motivate one another to keep up with our fitness goals.  When we get home after a hard workout, I have someone there that can immediately empathize with me as I drag up the stairs for bed.  I think most importantly, it allows us to spend time together that we would normally spend individually if we weren’t coming to the same gym.
The Iron Therapy class has been a great class for both of us to share at Ignite.  I was originally taking semi-private classes while Meghan has been doing the group classes, but the idea for both has been the same.  For her, she’s hit many of her lifting goals and body goals while tossing the conventional “Cosmopolitan Magazine” fitness advice out the window and finally lifting HEAVY.  For me, I hit one of my long-standing goals for weight-lifting this past May with the help of Iron Therapy and PRed in all lifts by a large margin.  At Ignite we are getting leaner, stronger, healthier and better and the best part of it is, we are doing it together.

October 2016: Mike Stuart


I have enjoyed being activeMike Stuart most of my life. In high school I played football and then was on the powerlifting team while in college. I continued being active and lifting after school, but in recent years had started to neglect my fitness entirely. Last year I began to start feeling the toll of being out of shape, spending long hours at the office sitting, and having bad eating habits had on my body. It was a wake up call and before anything serious developed I started working out again at the beginning of the year on my own. I set 3 goals for myself before I turned 50: get my weight below 200, be able to run a 5k in under a half hour, and lift 315 or over on all three powerlifting lifts (squat, bench press, and deadlift). I started out weighing almost 220, getting winded if I played chase with my dog, and no clue how much I could lift but started out with 135 on that first day. Initially I did make progress on my strength training, and while I was beginning to feel better, I struggled with making any significant progress towards my weight and cardiovascular goals.
I am from Dallas on a temporary assignment in Austin for several months. From day one on arriving in Austin I had decided that I wanted to take advantage of the additional personal time I would have and dedicate it to trying to achieve my goals. I found Ignite Fitnez online simply searching for the closest gym to where I would be staying. I noticed the gym had a much greater variety of group classes than gyms I am used to and decided that maybe what I needed to help get motived and break past the plateau I had found myself.
The Iron Therapy class sounded like it might help with strength training but wasn’t sure about my other goals. Dustin spent the entire session of our first meeting dedicated to listening to my goals and then helping me understand how my diet should be structured and monitor it in order to make any real progress. I think that time and information was some of the most beneficial to me so far (plus Meal Pros almost every lunch & dinner M-F). In the class itself, I soon learned that I really only knew a few basic lifts that I had learned while in college and had never really expanded beyond that. I had a hard time keeping up with the class the first few weeks as I was used to much more rest time between my lifts — I had never really tried to get my heart rate up and sustaining that while lifting. I have really enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone and learning and trying these new things, that and working out with other great people in the class, has made working out as much fun for me as it was back in college again. I have made great progress in a just a short time with the gym that I don’t think I could have done without the help I needed — and just recently met all my goals.
This experience has given me the confidence to set more goals that I would have not thought I could have done before. I feel very lucky that I got this temporary assignment and stumbled upon Ignite Fitnez and the people there that make it special.

September 2016: Adrienne Addessi Jackson

AdrienneGrowing up as a competitive gymnast I quickly learned that while I was accountable for my own success, it was the team environment that kept me motivated. After leaving the sport, I struggled for years to maintain a regular routine and bounced around from gym to gym, class to class, never really feeling motivated or invested…that is, until I found Ignite Fitnez.

The ‘Iron Therapy’ team at Ignite keeps me motivated every day – especially my fit chicks. (#ladieswholift)! They push me to be a better version of myself and hold me accountable for showing up. I can honestly say that I look forward to working out every day, even on Monday’s a.k.a. leg day.

When I started Iron therapy, my 1 rep squat max was 160 pounds and bench was 105 pounds. Now, I’m at 215 pounds squat max and 135 pounds bench. I’ve seen a decrease in my overall body fat percentage and feel better than I have in years. My next step is matching the success I’ve achieved in my workout routine with my diet in hopes of continuing to reach my goals. Thank you to Ignite, the coaches and all the badass ladies who lift for keeping me fit!

August 2016: Lee Schneider

LeeAfter 30+ years in CA/Bay Area, my wife and I moved to Austin to completely change our lifestyle and Travis Heights provided the best location for a new urban hub. We could have moved anywhere but selected Austin for all it offers-great city life, world class food and music, healthful environment and in the heart of the great state of Texas.

Immediately upon moving in, I joined the SOCO gym-mostly for its’ convenience as it is a couple minute walk from my house. I was very happy to see Inez/Ignite come in soon after. The once OK neighborhood gym has really transformed into a first class work out facility. However, it has kept its’ neighborhood charm and has afforded me an opportunity to maintain and forge new friendships right here in my hood.

I have been an active endurance athlete for decades enjoying both traditional and Xterra marathons and triathlons. Getting older and looking to reduce wear and tear, I was looking for a place to focus more on muscle fitness and flexibility. I enjoy all things outdoors from back packing to riding my Harley so looking for the ability to maintain strength and stamina into my golden years. Ignite Fitnez provides all I need for this goal.

My first criteria for a gym is cleanliness and Ignite checks that box. That was the most immediate change I noticed under new management. As it transformed over the first few months, you could see that the infrastructure and flow were ideal for individual and group work outs. It is rare for me to wait for any piece of equipment and I always have a work out bay to myself with plenty of space for weight and ab work.

The staff at Ignite is another draw. Solid, pleasant, helpful, respectful are a few words that come to mind. The vibe in Ignite matches what we think is special about our Travis Heights/SOCO location. I look forward to my daily workouts and enjoy seeing the many friends I have made there each day as we all come and go. I suspect as Ignite grows, it will continue to appeal to me as Inez and crew seem in tune with what their clientele seek.

For me, fitness (aka Fitnez) and exercise are a priority. Even when I was working and traveling extensively, I always made time for myself to maintain both physical and mental health. Now semi retired and approaching 55 this July, I feel that, in many aspects, I am in the best shape of my life. I look forward to Ignite Fitnez, Inez and her crew to help me maintain that for another 30 to 40 years.

The attached pic was a joke for my left coast friends re: Texas Open Carry Law. I told them my gym makes it impossible to “conceal those weapons”.

July 2016: Marnie Tolle-Wilhite

Marnie“I get up at 5AM everyday, work at a computer for the majority of my awake life, and then chase around a 6 year old until I drop into bed and prepare to do it all over again the next day. I haven’t always kept fitness at the top of my to-do list but now it’s a must.

There is no denying the benefits when you see study after study showing how much it affects every part of our lives. I do it to make sure I don’t carry my work stress home. I do it because Alzheimer’s runs in my family. I do it because I want to make sure I continue to excel and love the work that I do. I do it because I have a daughter and I don’t want to tell her I can’t climb a tree, pull myself over a wall, etc because I am not strong enough. And on a less serious note, I really enjoy now being able to beat my husband who has 100 lbs on me when we have an impromptu wrestling match to decide who gets the TV control.

The Ignite community has been key in fitness becoming a regular habit for me. The environment that Inez has created is like none other and gone are the intimidating feelings of past places where I avoided classes, power-lifters, and the gym staff. I have always had the desire to stay fit but it’s become an essential part of my life because of Inez and everything she has done to support and help everyone around her be stronger, better, faster, and smarter.”

June 2016: Kerry Harp

kerryharp-smallMy name is Kerry Harp and I am originally from Houston, but have lived in Travis Heights for the last 24 years. Health and fitness have been a driving-force in my life since my early twenties and have become second nature to me. I am sixty years of age, but feel much younger! I am often told that I don’t look sixty, which can likely be attributed to what I do in the gym and in other areas of my life. Food and exercise are imperative to my wellbeing. My routine in the gym varies, but strength is my ultimate goal.

I was excited when the previous owners of the gym opened for business. I promptly joined. Since the opening of Ignite, Inez has brought new life to the gym, transforming it in many ways – from equipment and members, to trainers and offering a variety of classes.

My passions are few, but foremost is health and longevity. I also started riding motorcycles at thirteen and have always taken the time to keep my bike in tip-top shape. Paying attention to detail assures a good ride. I make every move count! This same attention to detail is used with my body and I have come to find, my health and motorcycle go hand in hand. When I take care of myself through exercise and diet, I function at an optimum level. Likewise, when I take care of my motorcycle and pay close attention to maintenance, it runs at that same optimum level.

My goals are fulfilled through commitment and Ignite Fitnez has played an important role in maintaining my regimen, which directly impacts how I feel and who I am.

May 2016: Morgan Molidor

morgan-smallMorgan Molidor has practiced Brazilian jiu-jitsu for two years after playing basketball in high school and winning a regional Golden Gloves match. She finds Brazilian jiu-jitsu “more fun” than boxing because she uses her mind more strategically, almost like playing chess. In fact, mental strength and the confidence it engenders are vital for any mixed martial art, especially if you workout with people who are better than you are. She recommends this practice in order to grow and improve.

Morgan notes that, “Depressed people don’t work out,” and advises women to set a small goal, make like-minded friends, and enjoy the results. She knows women who have overcome a negative body image by using positive self-talk, learning to love themselves, and becoming more powerful. She quotes the Beyoncé song “Pretty Hurts,” especially the line about the soul needing the surgery, not the nose. Morgan plans to be active forever because she wants to keep her confidence, positive mindset, and strength.

April 2016: Kelly McGraw

April2016MotM-KellyMcGraw]What drives me is that you only have this one life, and it’s short, you have to make the best of it everyday. I always try to live with purpose and focus on the things that bring me joy, peace and happiness. Because when you’re experiencing these things, life is good!
My faith, my relationships, my health, and my dogs, are the most important things in my life. I also try and be as selfless as possible by giving back and helping others, that is when I feel truly blessed and fulfilled. Those are the things that drive me everyday!

March 2016: Beth Carr

MotM-BethCarr“I started clean eating in February 2013 with the goal of 20 lbs to be lost by the time I went on a cruise in May. In 3 months I was able to lose over 20 lbs just by changing my eating habits and incorporating the gym back in my life. Once that happened, I plateaued for about 2 months.

In July 2013 I met my coach for body building. I decided to do a show in October 2013, so in 11 weeks I went from a size 6 to a size 2, lost an additional 15 lbs, and gained an inner drive to continue that passion. I have competed in bikini bodybuilding for 3 years now, placing 1st – 8th places in about 8 shows. Not too bad! I am now in my 3rd off-season, I am a little heavier than I have been in off-seasons in the past, but I try not to think about the weight any more because I know I am gaining muscle. If you asked what I weighed, you’d probably be surprised. 😉 Health and fitness are constantly on my mind because it’s what I love.”

February 2016: Mia Hines

Mia-Progress“Fitness has always been tough for me, with lots of trial and error, starting and stopping. In the past eight months I’ve tried everything I could to see what would drive my body to change, and I’m so encouraged to see that things are finally happening. It sounds cliché, but it all comes down to being consistent, working hard, and trusting the process. I’m still working every single day, and working out is finally a priority to me. I really couldn’t have done it without the passion, encouragement, and friendship from Ashley, Inez, and every else at Ignite.”

January 2016: Adam Carnes

“I work out because it’s fun. I enjoy the consistent progression toward a better version of myself. Lately I’m keeping it simple; 3 days a week of strength training with a little jump rope before and after each workout. On rest days I typically walk around the neighborhood for an hour or so. Sometimes yoga. (Namaste!)

I’ve been using Meal Pros for 6 weeks. In that time I’ve gained 3 pounds of muscle and while dropping from 17 to 13% body fat. I’ve also noticed more consistent energy and sleep patterns. The pre-prepared meals make it super easy to eat clean and count calories. I really like Ignite Fitnez because our members are diverse and kind. The staff upholds an environment where everyone is accepted and encouraged to learn and grow together.”

December 2015: Jean Mather
JeanMather“I exercise so I can keep going. I just have to move.” As Jean Mather turns 90 this month, she looks back over a lifetime of activity and plans to continue as long as she can. You’ll find her at Ignite Fitnez most Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights when she goes through her set routine.

“Working out in the evening helps me sleep better,” she says. Her routine changes slightly every two weeks so she doesn’t get tired of it. A gym member from its beginning, she notes, “I love the changes at Ignite Fitnez, especially the racks in the weight room. Wonderful!” But exercising at the gym isn’t all she does. During her career as a landscape architect, where she had to “jump around” all day, she took up rowing in a 16-foot single ocean scull which is more stable than a narrow racing scull. When she was younger, she rowed twice a week, then once a week, and now “when the weather is about 75 degrees.” She loves rowing because “it’s good exercise and the water is just beautiful.” She keeps her boat at a facility on Lady Bird Lake and uses a wheeled dolly to roll it down to the dock.

To keep up her cardio activity during the months that are too hot or too cold, she substitutes fast walking in her neighborhood. Always self-motivated, she notes that “you can do 20 percent more than you think you can. Don’t put off exercise. Get started and then keep going.”

November 2015: Brandon Riley

BrandonRileyMy name is Brandon and I am an iron addict, meat head and a gym bro. I gladly embrace all of the gym douche personas because I come to the gym to do work. The gym is my home away from home, my girlfriend, and therapist. The gym does not get angry with me or cause me stress. The gym is there to challenge me mentally and physically every time I walk through those doors. I am super glad I found Ignite.

My active and lifting career started out as a kid playing every sport my parents would let. From soccer, baseball, football, golf, track, powerlifting, cycling, to racquetball it did not matter to me as long as I was active somehow. I even dabbled in marathon training for a bit but due to injuries, only ran a half marathon. I really started focusing intensely on lifting when I was 20 years old. I had been done playing college baseball for almost a year when I started to use my first and only personal trainer outside of collegiate sports.

My first trainer and I clicked. I asked him to put me through hell and make me not be able to walk out of here every day. He did exactly that. I had always been the type to dig down and push my body further and further each session. Naturally I get a very euphoric feeling from pushing my body to the limits. After ten years of intense lifting in and out of routines at the gym, I have a bit of advice to share.

Listen to your body. Nobody else knows your limits but you. Not everyone likes to work out with that level of intensity but the constant for maintaining a long lasting active lifestyle, is listening to your body. It helps prevent injuries and keeps you healthy to return back to the gym. I didn’t figure that out until I had two knee surgeries, fractured ankle, pinched ulnar nerve, and a torn hamstring. All injuries sidelined me for a minimum of 2 months. We all know how quickly our gains like to leave us, especially in those two months of recovery hell.

Besides listening to my body and doing work in the gym, I still love being active. I enjoy yoga classes, riding my bike through the Green Belt, hanging out in Zilker, cookouts with my friends, meeting new people, and of course eating food. It is also super common to catch me laying on my roof to watch the stars or sunsets. Hard work, form, technique and pick that shit up, that is the motto YOLO.

October 2015: Seth Woodward

SethWoodward“Ignite has been the perfect place for me to re-submerge myself into the fitness world. I’ve been going here five days a week, for the last four months and never seem to tire of it. The staff is nothing but kind and accommodating. In and out of classes, they are always willing to offer up helpful information to speed my progress and recovery.

I love that the gym isn’t filled with a bunch of frivolous distractions. Just hardworking, healthy and happy people inspiring each other to keep bettering themselves.”

September 2015: Michele White

MotM-MicheleWhite2“I’m inspired to train because I love how I feel while I’m doing it and how I feel moving through my daily life, as a result of training. Working out makes me feel more alive and present, which offers me a better sense of who I am, and what makes me happy. When I feel alive, and happy, and present in my life, I have more patience and compassion and can be more available to connect in a deep way, with others in my life.

“I have long been an advocate for health and fitness. As I have aged, I have added more variety to how I move and get exercise. Running competitively was my love for nearly 30 years, but after a meniscus tear, I have had to slow down. Now I love to walk, and swim and incorporate all kinds of cardio, strength, agility, flexibility and mobility training in my work outs. I have learned that variety is the best way to challenge my body. And, after over a year of rehab, I am even back to a small amount of running. My training has to be fun and functional. I am always looking for new things to do that will challenge my body and my mind. I have also learned, as I age, that finding ways to slow down are equally as important. Meditation, like exercise, is a daily practice for me. It is essential to the presence I want in my life.”

“I love working out at Ignite Fitnez because it is low-key. It’s not about what gym clothes I am wearing or how I look-it’s about training and training hard! I like the variety of tools there are to challenge me and that there aren’t televisions blaring. To me, those are all distractions from the purpose at hand. And most importantly, I love the people at Ignite. I have been a member at the gym since the beginning, so the staff and members there have become my friends. I love putting on my headphones and focusing on getting a great work out and then chatting with my friends on my way out. I like the balance that my training brings to my life, and Ignite offers me a place to help me achieve that balance.”

August 2015: Adrian Carrillo

“About two years ago I decided to join my local gym with the goal of getting in shape. I love working out at Ignite! The atmosphere is so welcoming and the staff is great! Now I’m 40 pounds lighter and getting stronger everyday! The idea of self improvement is what motivates me and now I can’t imagine not having a workout as part of my daily routine.

Working in the service industry, fitness has offered structure to a constantly changing work schedule that I really appreciate. In a profession that doesn’t allow for sick days, staying healthy is a high priority for me. Missing shifts means missing income. My morning workouts also help me wake up and stay high energy through out my workdays. Especially when I’m moving kegs and cases of beer around all day or working in the Texas heat.

I’ve also noticed that working out regularly and eating better has also helped me a great deal behind my drum kit and with my creative process. Having time to be in the gym gives me a chance to clear my head and focus on upcoming goals and projects. It’s increased my stamina as well, and I notice when I get off stage I feel great instead of being totally exhausted.”