Ignite Fitnez


Inez-MMAroomIgnite Fitnez is a locally owned and operated neighborhood gym located in South Austin in the heart of SoCo, just 1/2 a mile from the Town Lake Hike & Bike Trail. We work hard to provide a friendly, laid back, supportive, open minded creative and fun environment for our members no matter their goals.

Our strong belief in functional fitness means you won’t find many machines here. The gym itself is an 8,000 square foot facility fully stocked to meet your fitness needs. It includes a custom built rack system in our weight room, a yoga/group exercise classroom, MMA room, a cardio and a stretching area.

Whether you’re in the mood for group classes, heavy lifting, hitting some bags or rolling out your sore muscles, we’ve got something for you. Amenities include locker rooms and showers stocked with Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner (Provided by our upstairs neighbors at Wet Salon).

Our variety of group classes and eclectic group of instructors, trainers and staff loves to keep Austin weird and SoCo sexy. We offer Personal Training, Small Group Training, Class Packages and Gym Memberships.

Ignite Fitnez prides ourselves on our open minded, LGBT friendly staff and encourage you to set up an appointment for a tour so you can come by to check it out for yourself. We genuinely look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals and there’s no better time to start than today. Give us a call, send us an email or stop by in person!


Ignite Fitnez is a locally owned and operated gym in South Austin’s most funky zip code, 78704! Ignite Fitnez is ‘Keeping SoCo Sexy & Strong’ by doing its part to Keep Austin Weird with a wide-range of unique classes and eclectic mix of group exercise instructors and personal trainers. We offer gym memberships, personal training sessions and a welcoming environment as an outlet for those seeking to become a happier, healthier, and stronger version of themselves.

Our owner, Inez (and most of the staff) were born and raised in Austin with the city’s ideals baked in their bones. Mix that open minded, creative approach with some serious passion for fitness and you get Ignite Fitnez – a gym that “Keeps SoCo Sexy & Strong” and does its part to “Keep Austin Weird.”

We want to help you avoid the body plateau. You know, when you stop seeing results even though you’re working your butt off and to top it off you’re bored out of your mind?! We’ve all been there! The gym and the group classes are designed to avoid that plateau because it’s easier to get fit when it’s fun!

Body Plateau [pla-toh]
1. A body plateau refers to a period of time in which your body no longer responds to your fitness or diet routine.

Ignite Fitnez is a gym that focuses on functional fitness, body mechanics, which means there aren’t as many machines as other gyms, which we provide more detail on here. Our wide-range of unique classes and eclectic mix of group exercise instructors and personal trainers help you achieve your goals without the boredom. Check out our gym memberships, personal training sessions, available class schedule and come in for a tour to see for yourself why our members love us so much!

No matter our members goals, we support them in a number of different ways and we encourage you to check out our featured members to see they’re just like you. We work hard to make Ignite Fitnez a welcoming, motivating environment that’s an outlet for those seeking to become a happier, healthier and stronger version of themselves, whatever that version may be. Please contact us with any questions you may have and we look forward to meeting you soon!