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Ignite Fitnez is a locally owned and operated 11,500sqft training facility located in the St. Elmo district in 78745.  We offer a wide-range of classes and eclectic mix of group exercise instructors and personal trainers.  Ignite Fitnez offers gym memberships, personal training and a welcoming environment for those seeking to become a happier, healthier, and stronger version of themselves.

Our owner, Inez (and most of the staff) was born and raised in Austin with the city’s ideals baked in their bones. Mix that open minded, creative approach with some serious passion for fitness and you get Ignite Fitnez – a gym that “Keeps South Austin Sexy & Strong” and does its part to “Keep Austin Weird.”

We want to help you avoid the body plateau. You know, when you stop seeing results even though you’re working your butt off and to top it off you’re bored out of your mind?! We’ve all been there! The gym and the group classes are designed to avoid that plateau because it’s easier to get fit when it’s fun!