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Ignite Fitnez is dedicated to you! We have experienced staff, certified personal trainers and licensed instructors to help you reach your fitness goals and bring your vision to life.  

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Finding the right balance in life is important.  At Ignite Fitnez, we can help you create the package you need to get you on track to reach your health and wellness goals.  We offer a variety of classes, programs and workshops:

We know how important it is when picking the right gym.  Come in, meet your future Fitnez family, check out the facility and our classes for a week free.   
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Ignite Fitnez

Ignite Fitnez in Austin

  • Group Fitnez Classes
  • Boxing - Kickboxing - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Personal & Semi Private Training
  • Individualized Workout Programs
  • Full Weight Room

We are located in the SoCo Center, under WET Salon.  On South Congress go east on Academy Ln followed by a left on Music Ln. Our parking lot is behind the building, at the end of Music Ln. Bicycle rack located by the front entrance. 

I greatly appreciate the small gym vibe.
I have been a member of Anytime Fitness and Gold's, but this gym has found a pleasant balance between the two. It has the small gym vibe, but with way better music, yet it is big enough that you don't feel cramped.
I started going to the Ladies TNT group class and- I am literally 50lbs heavier than all them pretty girls. However, I never felt judged or weird. Inez gives us a great work-out but lets us go at our own pace. Even though I was last finishing up, I still felt great and supported the whole time. I need to make it clear that Inez is not a cheerleader (which I like) she gives genuine and positive feedback. I never felt any pretense or fake encouragement that some people do when they feel uncomfortable around someone bigger.
The place is clean- even the bathroom!


Laura M.

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1109-B SOUTH CONGRESS AVE. AUSTIN, TEXAS 78704 512-445-0773 IgniteFitnez@gmail.com

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 Took me about five years, but I found the best gym in Austin. Good location, but there's more to it than that. This isn't a cosmetic gym where folks are there to just socialize and look pretty. People get stronger, healthier, fitter, more limber, less stressed/tight there. It's an atmosphere where you can focus and feel supported. Cool vibe, and Inez and the staff are friendly and accommodating.

Also, I've trained with Chika extensively and she's been terrific in helping me stay in shape while working around/battling some health issues.

Adam B.

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